Concrete Acid Stain Colors: A Guide to Vibrant Options and Techniques

by Justin Richardson

Selecting colors is a critical initial step when designing with concrete acid stain, yet there’s much more to consider beyond merely picking a shade. Understanding the spectrum of available colors and the methods for layering and blending basic concrete acid stain colors are crucial for achieving a range of effects and depths. Since every project is unique, experimenting with different color combinations can lead to extraordinary results.

This guide introduces you to the comprehensive selection of EverStain™ Acid Stain options at your disposal. Through brief descriptions and examples from satisfied customers, you’ll gain insight into the potential of each color. For those ready to embark on their next project, our Concrete Acid Stain Colors Guide offers detailed instructions on replicating any of these stunning looks.

Azure Blue

Empty room with a concrete floor treated with an Azure Blue acid stain, showing a varied, natural stone-like finish with hints of blue hues.
Azure Ambiance: A serene bedroom showcasing the subtle wash of Azure Blue acid stain on the concrete floor, echoing the tranquility of natural stone

Azure Blue is notable for its potential range of expression—from striking vibrancy to subtle elegance—depending on the composition of the concrete it is applied to. This versatility allows Azure Blue to deliver a captivating aqua-topaz mineral finish, eliciting admiration from all who see it. The final outcome can vary widely, with some applications transforming concrete floors into a breathtaking blue marble-like pattern that covers the entire project area, while in others, it may impart a more understated yet equally sophisticated touch.

Azure Blue Popular Color Combinations

Azure Blue’s versatility extends to its ability to pair beautifully with other colors. Particularly, when combined with brown or red concrete acid stains, it evokes a stunning resemblance to genuine marble. This combination can dramatically elevate a space, infusing it with a sense of elegance and depth. However, it’s crucial to note that Azure Blue acid stain should never be applied to wet or damp surfaces, as this can cause undesirable black and brown spotting on the stain’s surface. Due to its specific characteristics, Azure Blue is recommended predominantly for indoor projects, where conditions can be more closely controlled to achieve the desired effect.

Polished concrete floor with an Azure Blue and Coffee Brown acid stain creating a subtle mottled effect that resembles a natural stone pattern.
Subtle Elegance: Azure Blue and Coffee Brown acid stain merge on a concrete floor, offering a gently marbled aesthetic
A more defined and contrasting Azure Blue and Coffee Brown acid stain on a concrete floor, showcasing distinct marbling and rich color variation.
Bold Contrast: Distinctive marbling with Azure Blue and Coffee Brown acid stains on concrete, highlighting a rich interplay of colors.
Spacious interior with a concrete floor stained in Azure Blue and Shifting Sand, featuring a rustic wooden staircase and cabin-style wooden walls.
Rustic Meets Modern: A striking combination of Azure Blue with Miracle-Gro & Shifting Sand stain breathes life into this boat storage floor
Detailed close-up of a concrete floor showing an intricate pattern with Azure Blue, English Red, and Malayan Buff acid stains creating a complex, earth-toned marbling effect.
A delicate marbling of Azure Blue, English Red, and Malayan Buff acid stains on a concrete floor


Black acid stain is an excellent choice for creating unique marbled patterns with vein-like accents on concrete surfaces. The transparent nature of the stain allows for multi-layer application, resulting in rich brownish-black tones that vary depending on the concrete’s composition. This type of stain is commonly utilized to enhance the character and depth of concrete flooring.

A room featuring a concrete floor with a black acid stain finish, resulting in a dark, mottled appearance with natural light creating soft reflections on the surface
Black acid-stained concrete floors present a classic look with a twist, their brownish undertones and subtle natural light reflections offering depth and character to the space

Black Acid Stain Color Combinations

Black acid stain is known for its flexibility in creating a wide range of looks when combined with other acid stain colors. From subtle earthy tones to vivid contrasts, the possibilities are limitless. When black is mixed with lighter or contrasting hues, it can produce effects from sophisticated marbling to rustic, leather-like finishes. The unique chemical reactions between the acid stain and the concrete’s surface result in a durable, one-of-a-kind appearance every time.

A concrete floor with an acid stain in black, seagrass, and malayan buff, giving it a textured appearance similar to weathered leather
Leathered Luxury: Black, seagrass, and malayan buff acid stains converge to grant this concrete floor a rich, leather-like texture
A cozy corner of a living room bathed in sunlight with a sleek acid-stained floor in deep tones, where a dog relaxes on a cushion beside a potted Norfolk Island Pine
Tranquil Moments: The deep shades of the acid-stained floor provide a perfect contrast to the serene atmosphere of a sunny living room corner

Coffee Brown

Coffee brown acid stain is a popular choice for adding a leather-like or marbled accent to concrete surfaces. Its rich, coffee-toned hue provides a stunning contrast with lighter acid stains like desert amber or malayan buff, resulting in a dynamic and moving design on concrete floors. This stain is often used as an accent color, adding depth and character to concrete surfaces.

commercial concrete floor featuring a coffee brown acid stain, creating a rich and warm leather-like finish, complemented by wooden accents and target boards on the walls.
Earthy Warmth: The coffee brown acid-stained concrete floor provides a robust and inviting foundation, enhancing the room's recreational ambiance while echoing the natural wooden elements

Coffee Brown Color Combinations

When paired with lighter acid stains such as Desert Amber or Malayan Buff, it offers a striking contrast, animating floors with a lively, engaging pattern. Coffee Brown is versatile, often used as a secondary color to infuse depth and enrich the overall design, making it a favorite for both residential and commercial spaces looking to add a touch of organic elegance.

A home bar setup in a basement with acid-stained concrete floors in Coffee and Desert Amber, providing a rich, warm ambiance complemented by rustic furniture and themed decor
Home Bar Haven: The inviting warmth of Coffee and Desert Amber acid-stained floors sets the stage for leisurely evenings in this charmingly appointed home bar
A cozy hair studio featuring a Coffee Brown and Malayan Buff acid-stained concrete floor, with swirling patterns that give the appearance of a well-worn leather
his hair studio's charm is amplified by the Coffee Brown and Malayan Buff acid-stained concrete floor, creating a comfortable, vintage atmosphere perfect for a place of beauty and relaxation

Desert Amber

Desert Amber is a concrete acid stain color that captures the essence of the natural world, delivering hues reminiscent of stone and the arid beauty of sandy landscapes. While it can be used alone to create a subtle, muted appearance, Desert Amber is seldom found in isolation due to its remarkable ability to complement and enhance a variety of color palettes.

An expansive store interior with a high-gloss concrete floor stained in Desert Amber, Black, and Cola shades creating a captivating and organic flow.
Artistic Flow: The Desert Amber and rich accentuating colors swirl together on this glossy store floor, showcasing the versatility of acid-stained concrete

Desert Amber Color Synergy

Desert Amber’s versatility shines when merged with other hues, creating a symphony of warm, earthy tones that transform any space. In the company of colors like Coffee Brown and Cola, Desert Amber brings out an inviting, sun-soaked ambiance, perfect for spaces meant for relaxation and camaraderie.

A cozy bedroom featuring an acid-stained concrete floor with Desert Amber and Shifting Sand blending into Azure tones
Warm Retreat: Desert Amber and Shifting Sand merge with soft Azure on the bedroom floor, providing a rich foundation for the room's contemporary decor and serene atmosphere
A home bar setup in a basement with acid-stained concrete floors in Coffee and Desert Amber, providing a rich, warm ambiance complemented by rustic furniture and themed decor
Home Bar Haven: The inviting warmth of Coffee and Desert Amber acid-stained floors sets the stage for leisurely evenings in this charmingly appointed home bar

Malayan Buff

Malayan Buff is a neutral yet dynamic concrete acid stain color that offers limitless potential for color pairing and design. It serves as a perfect canvas for both subtle and bold combinations, harmonizing with a range of complementary shades.

concrete floor stained in Malayan Buff
By choosing Malayan Buff Concrete Acid Stain, you open the door to countless creative possibilities

When teamed with the vivid blues of Seagrass, Malayan Buff grounds the energetic hue, evoking the tranquility of a waterside retreat right within your living space. This combination is ideal for spaces that aim to blend natural serenity with contemporary flair.

In contrast, pairing Malayan Buff with Coffee Brown unfolds an earthy richness that can transform a simple concrete floor into a statement of sophistication. This blend can create an ambience of warmth and depth, especially appealing in communal areas like bars or lounges where a sense of welcome is paramount.

An interior view of a room with a concrete floor artistically stained with hues of Coffee Brown, Malayan Buff, and Seagrass, evoking the appearance of a natural, sandy riverbed
Nature's Palette: This floor artfully stained in Coffee Brown, Malayan Buff, and Seagrass captures the essence of a serene river landscape, bringing an organic touch to the indoor space
A tattoo parlor with Malayan Buff and Shifting Sand acid-stained concrete floors, providing a glossy, mottled foundation that complements the vibrant green walls and eclectic decor
Artistic Foundation: The tattoo parlor showcases Malayan Buff and Shifting Sand stained floors, reflecting the artistry above and below the chair


Cola Concrete Acid Stain, celebrated for its rich, earthy appeal, provides a warm and inviting foundation ideal for various settings. Its ease of application makes it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts, ensuring a professional-grade finish..

cola-colored acid-stained concrete flooring extending
Cola acid-stain creates a sophisticated and durable concrete flooring solution, offering a contemporary touch to the professional space

Cola Popular Color Combinations

The deep, reddish-brown hues of Cola pair splendidly with the vibrant tones of Azure Blue, creating a dynamic contrast that can turn any floor into a centerpiece. This combination can transform a conventional space into a vivid, stylish area, full of life and color, as demonstrated in the expansive interior with stunning azure streaks that add a touch of whimsy to the room.

A spacious residential interior with high ceilings and exposed beams, featuring a fully stained concrete floor with intricate patterns in Azure Blue, Black, and Cola
Contemporary Elegance: The artful blend of Azure Blue, Black, and Cola stains on this concrete floor adds a modern touch to the spacious interior
A spacious interior with a high ceiling, showcasing a Coffee Brown, Cola, and Desert Amber acid-stained concrete floor, offering a rugged yet polished look
Rustic Retreat: This man cave's expansive floor combines Coffee Brown, Cola, and Desert Amber stains, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with a stylish, rustic charm

English Red

English Red Concrete Acid Stain infuses spaces with a warm, earthy ambiance. Its rich, red hues draw inspiration from traditional clay bricks, offering a cozy, welcoming vibe to any environment. This color is especially effective in residential settings where it enhances the natural elements of a room, complementing wood textures and neutral walls.

A spacious warehouse interior transformed into a polished floor with an intricate blend of azure blue, coffee brown, and English brown acid stains creating a rich, marbled effect.
Seamless Fusion: A warehouse floor comes to life with a harmonious acid stain combination of azure blue, coffee brown, and english red, reflecting a fusion of color and craftsmanship

The striking vibrancy of English Red can turn a simple concrete surface into a focal point, exuding an air of sophistication and warmth. It pairs beautifully with deep browns and subtle azure accents, creating intricate patterns that mirror the natural variegation of stone or the delicate marbling of terra cotta tiles.

An eclectic bathroom with a vibrant, acid-stained concrete floor in hues of azure blue and earthy tones, blending a rustic wooden wall finish with a splash of modern color
Rustic Meets Modern: The striking contrast of azure blue acid stain against the warm, earthy backdrop brings an unexpected yet harmonious fusion to this unique bathroom design
A well-lit room with a glossy, acid-stained concrete floor in varying shades of brown, creating a smooth, marble-like finish that complements the rustic wooden door.
Rustic Elegance: The gleaming, marble-effect of English Red and Black acid stains on this floor harmonizes beautifully with the room's natural wood elements


concrete floor stained in Seagrass and Malayan Buff

Seagrass Concrete Acid Stain is a versatile hue ideal for various projects due to its adaptable nature. It harmonizes effortlessly with other shades, providing flexibility in achieving the desired intensity—whether aiming for subtlety or a more pronounced effect.

An image of a spacious outdoor porch featuring acid stained concrete floors in shades of Malayan Buff and Seagrass. The scene displays an elegant outdoor kitchen setup in the background
Outdoor Porch Makeover: A well-equipped outdoor kitchen sits atop the newly stained concrete floor, blending natural hues of Malayan Buff and Seagrass
A plain loft concrete floor transformed into a stunning, multi-layered, marbled floor with coffee brown and seagrass EverStain acid staining,
A plain loft concrete floor transformed into a stunning, multi-layered, marbled floor with coffee brown and seagrass EverStain acid staining,

Shifting Sand

Named for the color of sand that has broken away from larger mineral deposits, Shifting Sand Concrete Acid Stain Color easily blends with stains on the more dominant side of the spectrum such as browns reds, and blues.

acid stained garage turned boat storage
Shifting Sand & Malayan Buff EverStain acid stained garage turned boat storage


Avocado acid stain is a versatile color that transforms plain concrete into a rich canvas reminiscent of natural landscapes. Its ability to range from subtle green tones similar to tropical moss to the more intense shades of a lush forest enables it to fit within various design contexts, enhancing the ambiance with its organic appeal.

Close-up image of the high-gloss sealer immediately after application, reflecting the bright sheen
Just-sealed – showcasing the radiant glow of the high-gloss sealer on the stained floor
The polished green marbleized flooring extending into the grooming area of the facility
Clean Lines, Elegant Floors: The grooming area's polished EverStain flooring in Malayan and Avocado green showcases a seamless merge of utility and aesthetics

With exposure to the elements, some concrete stains will experience darkening, creating a patina-like effect for your outdoor concrete. These stains include our Sea Grass, Azure Blue, Avocado, and Shifting Sand shades.

NOTE: Each stain color has a different activation time to fully color the concrete. Read Acid Stain Activation Times before starting your project