Concrete Veining Technique

Acid stains don’t fade or peel which provides a concrete coloring finish permanency that you will not attain with any other concrete staining product.

There are several fun techniques that can be used to create your own one-of-a-kind finish that can only be achieved by using acid stains. You can always count on acid stains to do what you did not count on them to do.  It is this variegation unpredictability that makes acid stains unique to the concrete staining world.

Wet on Dry: Acid Stain Vein Technique

Step 1: Cleaning the Concrete Surface

Cleaning the concrete slab before staining is the most important step. Any spot of paint, oil or mastic left on the concrete surface will affect your stain finish.  For a complete guide on how to prepare concrete for staining read Preparing the Concrete Surface

Concrete Surface Preparation - Clean Concrete

Step 2: Create Vein Design

Lay string down on the concrete surface with desired design. Long strips of plastic wrap crinkled up in a long tube will also create veins. The acid stain collects where the plastic rests on the wet stain.

Step 3: Let Acid Stain Vein Color React

Allow stain color of choice to fully react with the concrete surface. Read Acid Stain Color Activation Times 

Acid Staining Vein Technique

TIP: Do not clean up acid stain residue. Residue will impede the reaction of subsequent layers of stain or “fill” color.

Step 4: Apply Fill Color

Apply second acid stain color over the vein design residue. The “fill” color will not react where the residue sits protecting the integrity of the veining design.

Applying Fill Color Over Vein Acid Stain Residue

Step 5: Clean Acid Stain Residue

After allowing fill color to fully react, rinse and let stained surface dry completely before proceeding to seal.

Acid Stain Veining Technique

Step 6: Apply Sealer

Acid Stained Vein Effect

Charlie R. from Mount Airy, NC recently remodeled his basement to create more living space in his home. “My basement guest suite kitchen floors look so awesome. Thank you for all the info,” Charlie recently wrote to Direct Colors Technician, Tommy.

For the veined concrete floor design, Charlie used Coffee Brown and Black Acid Stains, sealed with a High Gloss Water Based Acrylic Sealer and added a coat of  Commercial Floor Wax  for shine longevity.

Finishing or remodeling basements to add more livable square footage to your home is great for you and for potential home buyers. Realtor.com recommends decorative concrete floors in basements, especially if water seepage may be an issue.

Good Concrete Surface Prep
Veined Acid Stained Floors
Acid Stain Fill Color First Coat
Acid Staining Basement Floors
Acid Staining Basement Kitchen Floors
Acid Staining Basement Dining Room

According to Remodeling magazine, basement remodels are the smartest home improvement investments in the long run. Direct Colors can help you finish basement floors and walls (if they’re concrete) for much less than any other option available on the market today. Looks Awesome, Costs Less!