A Sophisticated Gone with the Wind Look

Marbling with Acid Stain on an Indoor Concrete Floor

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Scope of Project — Acid Stained Concrete Floor

Acid stained concrete floors are a popular and low maintenance solution for homes and businesses. This was a new construction project of approximately 1000 sq. ft . The home builder wanted to create a sophisticated marbled acid stain flooring look for the customer. After properly preparing the floor for staining and putting on acid stain resistant shoes, apply the darkest stain elements (black or coffee brown acid stain) to the floor as you’d like them to appear. You will apply the color sparingly leaving most of the concrete untouched. Immediately load the sprayer with a slightly diluted Coffee Brown (1 part water to 1 part stain) and apply the stain around the darker areas spraying natural looking accents but leaving gray areas. Repeat with a slightly more diluted stain (2 or 3 parts water to 1 part stain). Finally, apply a heavily diluted stain (6-8 parts water to 1 part stain) over the entire floor to “float in the color” with a light brown/tan color and create a more integrated look on the floor. Leave the acid stain to process on the floor a minimum of 6 hours and neutralize.

Budget/Timing: 3 gallons of Coffee Brown, 1 gallon of Black Acid Stain, 5 gallons of AC 1315 High Gloss Sealer, and 1 gallon of Commercial Floor Wax