Resurfacing and Staining a Faded Concrete Driveway

A few years after the original outdoor concrete project, the Langley family updated the exterior of their home. Unfortunately, the primary color chosen for the driveway no longer matched the rest of the house so in comes the professionals from Ken’s Custom Design.

When we were first approached by this homeowner, we couldn’t believe the condition of their outdoor concrete, particularly the drive and walkways. Gray and black concrete paint applied less than two years previous was peeling off everywhere in a most unattractive way.

The homeowner was remodeling their home and wanted to change the color scheme of their outdoor concrete to match the new façade. The contractor was given the task of removing the deteriorating concrete paint and select a new finish that would complement the future materials and color palette of the home.

Faded outdoor concrete driveway
Concrete Stained Driveway and Patio

The solution was to use concrete overlay on the driveway, walkways, patio and pool deck but first the deteriorating paint had to be removed. Because of the project size (over 4800 sq. ft.) and stamped surfaces, chemical removal would be too costly and therefore, was not a viable option.

The contractor opted instead for shot-blasting the concrete. The shot blaster, rented locally from an equipment supply, would both thoroughly remove the paint and mechanically profile the concrete for good overlay adherence.

Concrete Overlay Driveway
Stained Concrete Driveway

The contractor sprayed a 1/16th inch primer coat of smooth gray overlay from a hopper gun to mask the existing concrete color and level out the surface. The homeowners chose two contrasting concrete stain colors – Black  and Yukon Gold. The Black EasyTint color was sprayed down first using a spray shield to the borders and curbs followed by the lighter Antiquing Yukon Gold color. The color and texture of the overlay reduces glare, heat absorption and potential slip hazards when wet.

The entire surface was sealed with Solvent-Based Satin Finish Acrylic Sealer for color enhancement and for durability.

Faded concrete driveway
Stained concrete driveway design
Driveway design with EasyTint Goldenrod and Portico Aztec Brown stains
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