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I am very pleased with the products. I was disappointed that the Terra Cotta bottle had a pin hole in the bottom of it and I lost more than half of the stain. Probably no fault of yours therefore I didn't complain. I also thought I would still have enough to finish the project, but I came up a little short. Fault lies on my end as well because I panicked when I saw all the stain in the plastic bag and I quickly disposed of it with some trash I had in my garage. After the fact I said why didn't I just pour it in an empty can or something. Anyway that's water under the bridge and I have ordered another gallon.
Applied sealer and it left a beautiful shine!
Worked well. My floors look great!


  • Water Based, Low VOC, Low Odor Formula
  • Fast-drying, Durable High Gloss Finish
  • Easy Cleanup & Green Concrete Campatible
  • Breathable, Non Yellowing, UV Resistant

How much do I need to seal my concrete?

It will depend on the square footage of your application.

The coverage rate is 200 square feet per gallon (2 coats) depending on concrete porosity. At least 2 coats are required.

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Direct Colors Water based, high gloss acrylic concrete sealer is a low VOC, low odor non-yellowing acrylic cure and seal. It creates a breathable high gloss finish to interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete finishes.

  • Water Based, Low VOC, Low Odor Formula<
  • Fast-drying, Durable High Gloss Finish
  • Breathable & Green Concrete Campatible
  • Breathable, Non Yellowing, UV Resistant
  • Superior Efflorescense & Alkali Resistance
  • Can be applied to green concrete, newly poured concrete and existing concrete and pavers
  • Can be applied to unsealed surfaces, or surfaces previously sealed with a water based acrylic sealant
  • Can be applied to interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal surfaces

Quick Facts

Application Tool:  3/8″ nap roller or sprayer
Location: interior or exterior surfaces
Dry Time: 24-48 hours
Cleanup: soap and water
Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on concrete porosity
Recommended Uses: stamped concrete, rough concrete, cultured stone, previously acid stained concrete surfaces
Tip On smooth concrete floors, add Anti-Slip Grit Additive to the second coat of sealer

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