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I am very pleased with the products. I was disappointed that the Terra Cotta bottle had a pin hole in the bottom of it and I lost more than half of the stain. Probably no fault of yours therefore I didn't complain. I also thought I would still have enough to finish the project, but I came up a little short. Fault lies on my end as well because I panicked when I saw all the stain in the plastic bag and I quickly disposed of it with some trash I had in my garage. After the fact I said why didn't I just pour it in an empty can or something. Anyway that's water under the bridge and I have ordered another gallon.
Applied sealer and it left a beautiful shine!
Worked well. My floors look great!


  • Water Based, Low VOC, Low Odor Formula
  • Fast-drying, Durable High Gloss Finish
  • Easy Cleanup & Green Concrete Campatible
  • Breathable, Non Yellowing, UV Resistant

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Direct Colors Water based, high gloss acrylic concrete sealer is a low VOC, low odor non-yellowing acrylic cure and seal. It creates a breathable high gloss finish to interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete finishes.

  • Water Based, Low VOC, Low Odor Formula<
  • Fast-drying, Durable High Gloss Finish
  • Breathable & Green Concrete Campatible
  • Breathable, Non Yellowing, UV Resistant
  • Superior Efflorescense & Alkali Resistance
  • Can be applied to green concrete, newly poured concrete and existing concrete and pavers
  • Can be applied to unsealed surfaces, or surfaces previously sealed with a water based acrylic sealant
  • Can be applied to interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal surfaces

Quick Facts

Application Tool:  3/8″ nap roller or sprayer
Location: interior or exterior surfaces
Dry Time: 24-48 hours
Cleanup: soap and water
Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on concrete porosity
Recommended Uses: stamped concrete, rough concrete, cultured stone, previously acid stained concrete surfaces
Tip On smooth concrete floors, add Anti-Slip Grit Additive to the second coat of sealer

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