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  • High Gloss Finish: Sophisticated shine with durable protection.
  • Eco-Friendly: Low VOC, environmentally responsible formula.
  • Advanced Protection: Non-yellowing, 100% acrylic for lasting beauty.
  • Enhanced Durability: 30% solids for unmatched toughness.

How much do I need to seal my concrete?

It will depend on the square footage of your application.

The coverage rate is 200 square feet per gallon (2 coats) depending on concrete porosity. At least 2 coats are required.

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Product Details

AcquaSeal™ Gloss is a premium, eco-friendly topical water-based sealer that revolutionizes surface protection with its advanced, single-component formula. Boasting a high solids concentration of 30% proprietary, non-yellowing acrylic polymer resin, this 100% cross-linking acrylic product merges unparalleled durability with aesthetic elegance. Engineered to provide a sophisticated, glossy finish, AcquaSeal™ not only elevates the appearance of surfaces but also delivers exceptional protective qualities. Its environmentally responsible formulation is characterized by low VOC emissions (<65 g/L), making it an ideal choice for projects demanding high performance without compromising on environmental values.

Quick Facts

Application Tools: Best applied using a pump sprayer (filter removed) or a ⅜” nap roller.
Location: Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.
Dry Time: For foot traffic in 24 hours, and for vehicle traffic in 24-48 hours. Dry times vary with environmental conditions.
Re-Coat Time: 6-12 hours. Dry times vary with environmental conditions.
Cleanup: Use ProClean Degreaser™ and warm water.
Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon for two thin coats, variable with surface conditions.
Recommended Topcoats: Compatible with ProWax Polish™ (Interior Use)
Application Temperature: Best between 60°F-95°F (15°C-35°C).
Recommended Uses: Ideal for concrete floors, walls, countertops, and various architectural elements.
Important Note: Prevent freezing to maintain product effectiveness.

Winter Care Tips for Sealed Surfaces

  • Avoid Salt for Ice Melting: Do not use salt or other de-icing chemicals as they can damage the acrylic sealer.
  • Safe Ice Melting Alternatives: Use Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) or sand/kitty litter for traction. These materials are safer for your sealed surfaces.
  • Snow Removal: Use plastic shovels to avoid scratching the sealer. Exercise caution to prevent damage to the sealed surface.
  • Post-Winter Cleanup: Once conditions improve, clean the surface to remove any residue from the alternatives used.

How-To Guide

Preliminary Testing

Before using the product for your entire project, try it out on a small, hidden area of the surface you'll be working on. This will let you see how it looks and if it's the right fit for your project.


  • Clean: The surface must be entirely free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, paints, glues, non-water-based acrylic sealers, curing agents, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, rust, algae, mildew, and other materials that could prevent proper bonding.
  • Cured: Ensure the concrete or overlay is fully cured before application. It's recommended that cement-based products cure for at least 28 days for optimal results.
  • Temperature: For best results, apply AcquaSeal™ in temperatures ranging from 60°F (15°C) to 95°F (35°C).
  • Sound: Only apply to cement-based products that are not flaking or spalling. The substrate must be structurally sound. For surfaces showing signs of delamination, use diamond grinding, shot blasting, or similar mechanical methods for removal.
  • Profiled: Perform an absorption test to check if the concrete is ready for staining. Pour water onto the concrete surface and wait for 3-5 minutes. If the water is not absorbed, the surface will need to be cleaned and etched with CitrusEtch™ to open the pores of the concrete. Detailed instructions can be found in the CitrusEtch™ Technical Data Sheet. If the concrete absorbs the water, it is ready for AcquaSeal™ application. Image showing two concrete surfaces: on the left, a surface that passes the water absorption test with water penetrating the concrete, and on the right, a surface failing the test with water pooling on top


Work Area Planning:

Divide the work area into manageable sections, using natural breaks like walls and joints. Control wet edges to reduce overlap marks.

Application Steps:

For Spraying:
  • Remove all filters from the pump-up sprayer to prevent clogging. Hand showing filter removal from a pump-up sprayer
  • Apply the product in a circular motion to ensure even coverage. It is important to apply thin layers to avoid puddling and ensure uniform drying.
  • Start and stop spraying into a bucket or off the work area to prevent drips. Back roll afterwards to smooth out any puddles or overlaps, maintaining a thin, even layer.
For Rolling:
  • Use a ⅜” nap roller. Allow the roller's weight to apply the product without adding extra pressure, which could cause streaks and uneven coverage. Focus on applying thin, consistent layers.
  • Before adding more product to the paint tray, shake the bottle for even consistency.

Drying and Recoating:

  • Dry Time Between Coats: Wait 6 to 12 hours, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Testing Dryness: To check if the surface is ready for the next coat, press it with a thumbnail. If the surface doesn't dent or scratch, it is sufficiently dry for recoating.
  • Coat Application: Ensure the first coat is thoroughly dry before applying a second thin coat. The emphasis on thin coats is crucial for achieving the best finish and performance.
  • Recommended Coats: Two thin coats are advised for best performance and durability.
  • Application Caution: To prevent bubbling, hazing, and other imperfections, it is essential to apply the product in thin coats rather than heavy applications.
  • Foot Traffic: Keep the area free from foot traffic for at least 24 hours to allow the topcoat to properly set.
  • Vehicle Traffic: Avoid vehicle traffic for 48-72 hours to ensure the sealer fully cures and offers maximum protection.


  • Surface Compatibility: AcquaSeal™ may experience adhesion challenges when applied to hard-troweled (machine-smoothed) surfaces or surfaces whose pores are smaller than the sealer's particles. This can result in the sealer drying without proper adhesion. 
  • Avoid Liquid Contact During Curing: Prevent any liquids, including sweat, from coming into contact with the uncured coating, as this can affect both the curing process and the quality of the finish.
  • Wear and Tear: As with all water-based acrylic sealers, AcquaSeal™ is subject to surface wear. Its longevity and durability are contingent upon proper application to a suitably prepared surface, and will also depend on the volume and type of traffic.


Interior Surfaces: Use ProWax Polish™ as a topcoat to improve the durability and finish of indoor surfaces. On the left, black AcquaTint™ with topcoat ProWax Polish™ satin; on the right, khaki AcquaTint™ with topcoat ProWax Polish™ gloss


Estimated coverage is around 200 square feet per gallon, varying with surface conditions and application methods.


For cleaning tools and equipment after using AcquaSeal™, use ProClean Degreaser™ and warm water.


Dispose of unused product according to local environmental or hazardous waste regulations.

Shelf Life and Storage

Use AcquaSeal™ within one year of purchase and store it in a cool, indoor location away from sunlight and heat.


  • Exterior Surfaces: Regularly inspect sealed areas for signs of thinning or wear due to foot or vehicular traffic. Reapply the sealer as needed to maintain protection and appearance.
  • Interior Surfaces: Regularly examine surfaces coated with ProWax Polish™ for wear or thinning, especially in high-traffic areas. Reapply the coating as necessary to preserve the surface's integrity and aesthetics.

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Safety & Precautions

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not take internally. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. In case of skin contact, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


AcquaSeal™ is guaranteed for uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. No warranty is provided for its application effects. Liability for defects is limited to refunding the purchase price. Users bear all other risks and liabilities. For inquiries, contact Direct Colors customer service.

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