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How to Stain a Concrete Fountain: A Step-by-Step DIY Guide diy concrete fountains stained with acid stain In this post, we'll embark on a journey of transformation as we explore how to stain a concrete fountain. This DIY project combines functional elements with artistic flair, ultimately creating a stunning water feature that will elevate any outdoor space. Follow along to learn how to craft your own serene masterpiece!

Crafting the Concrete Structures 

Our journey began with the creation of molds for a concrete sphere and cylindrical stands. For the sphere, I utilized an 8-inch diameter glass globe from an overhead light. By pouring concrete into the globe and allowing it to cure, a perfectly spherical shape was achieved.
A photograph displaying an 8-inch diameter glass globe and cylindrical concrete footing molds, prepared for creating a spherical and stand elements of a DIY concrete fountain The cylindrical stands were crafted using 12" molds designed for concrete footings. These molds provide a sturdy base, allowing the fountains to command attention in their surroundings.

Adding Personality with Color 

Once the concrete structures were created, it was time to add a dash of color. This is where the process of learning how to stain a concrete fountain truly begins.
I opted to forego the traditional gray color of concrete, aiming instead for a vibrant and lively design. I selected EverStain's Malayan Buff and Desert Amber acid stains for their rich, captivating hues, which truly shine when water cascades over them.

The Art of Acid Staining

Acid staining is a process that requires understanding and preparation. The results, however, are well worth the effort.
A photograph depicting a DIY spherical concrete fountain piece, stained with shades of Malayan Buff and Desert Amber, being scrubbed with a neutralizer after the application of acid stain. I employed separate spray bottles for each acid stain, allowing me to control the intensity and blend of the colors effectively. By applying the stains with a spray bottle and then mottling the surface with a sponge, the colors blended beautifully, creating a unique and organic pattern on the surface of the concrete.

Neutralizing and Cleaning: Key Steps in How to Stain a Concrete Fountain 

Neutralizing the acid stain post-application is a crucial step in the process of staining a concrete fountain.
A photograph showing a DIY cylindrical concrete fountain stand being rinsed with water, after it has been neutralized following the application of acid stain in shades of Malayan Buff and Desert Amber. I used a baking soda neutralizer for this purpose, followed by thorough rinsing and cleaning of the spherical and cylindrical pieces. This ensures that the acid stain is completely neutralized and the pieces are clean, ready for the final sealing process.

Sealing for Protection and Enhancement 

The final step of how to stain a concrete fountain involves the application of a sealant.

The Penetrating Matte Sealer I used serves two purposes. Firstly, it protects the acid stain from weathering and wear. Secondly, it enhances the depth and vibrancy of the colors, making them stand out even more.
A photograph showcasing the application of a deep penetrating matte sealant using a paintbrush on a DIY spherical concrete fountain piece, previously stained with Malayan Buff and Desert Amber acid stain.

The Final Product: A DIY Concrete Fountain Masterpiece

The result of this how to stain a concrete fountain journey is nothing short of stunning. The combination of solid sphere, cylindrical stands, and vibrant colors truly set this DIY project apart. The tranquil sound of water paired with the vivid pops of color has turned our patio into a beautiful and relaxing retreat.
A photograph of the completed DIY concrete fountain, featuring a stained spherical piece atop a cylindrical stand, both richly colored with Malayan Buff and Desert Amber acid stain, set on a bed of gray river rocks.

Personal Tips for DIYers

  1. Research and watch how-to videos to understand the acid staining process before you begin.
  2. Use separate spray bottles for each stain color to maintain control over the blending process.
  3. After applying the stains, mottle the surface with a sponge to help the colors blend naturally.
  4. Rinse thoroughly after neutralizing the acid stains to ensure a clean surface for the sealing process.
Remember, when water is cascading over the fountains, the colors truly come alive! Enjoy your new and vibrant DIY concrete fountain and bask in the charm
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