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  • Features 3/4" sharp stainless steel spikes for minimal surface contact, reducing footprint visibility.
  • Snap lock buckle ensures a secure fit, enhancing stability and safety during application.
  • Constructed from acid and solvent-resistant polypropylene, offering durability in harsh conditions.

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Maximize your efficiency and protect your work with our professional-grade Acid Resistant Spiked Shoes. This pair is specifically engineered for use during the application of acid stains, concrete etching, sealing, and staining processes. The design incorporates critical features to ensure safety, durability, and minimal impact on the work surface.

Quick Facts

Quantity: 1 Pair
Size: One Size Fits All
Material: Acid & Solvent-resistant durable polypropylene
Preferred Washing Method: Wash with warm water in a bucket

Core Features

  • 3/4" Sharp Stainless Steel Spikes: Each shoe is equipped with 3/4-inch sharp stainless steel spikes, designed to penetrate protective layers without compromising the concrete surface integrity, allowing for even application and treatment.
  • Snap Lock Buckle System: For secure and easy fitting, these shoes feature a snap lock buckle system that ensures the shoes stay firmly in place, providing stability and safety as you move across treated surfaces.
  • Strategic Spike Placement: With 13 specially placed spikes per shoe, the design ensures optimal weight distribution and minimal contact with the surface, reducing the risk of leaving visible marks or etchings.
  • Acid & Solvent-Resistant Material: Constructed from durable polypropylene, the shoes are resistant to acids, solvents, and other harsh chemicals, ensuring long-lasting use and protection against corrosive substances.
  • Flat-Bed Design: The flat-bed design of the shoe base enhances comfort for prolonged use and ensures the spikes apply consistent pressure, which is crucial for walking on delicate surfaces without causing damage.
Illustration of the importance of wearing spiked shoes during application to avoid leaving permanent shoe prints in wet concrete.

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