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  • Wear during acid staining process
  • Wear to avoid etching shoe prints on concrete floor when using Hard Troweled Pre-Treatment

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Acid resistant spiked shoes (similar to soccer or golf shoes, and made with acid resistant stainless steel), are really helpful for walking around during the acid staining process, because they leave minimal shoe markings on the floor. The spikes cover less area, making foot prints a lot less visible and easier to blend into the rest of the acid stain.

Quick Facts

  •  ¾” acid-resistant stainless steel spikes 
  • Perfect for multi-color acid stain applications 
  • Snap-lock buckle system

Use Acid Stain Resistant Spiked Shoes to walk on wet concrete stain and create unique multicolored flooring applications. Durable, easy-to-use strap attached shoe compatible with most street shoes and work boots. Ideal uses for acid stain resistant spikes shoes is when applying a concrete acid stain concrete sealer, a multi-tone effect with concrete dye or other applications that require moveability throughout the space. 

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