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Acrylic Sealer, Water-Based, Satin Finish
Customer Acrylic Sealer, Water-Based, Satin Finish Projects
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  • Satin Finish Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer is an acrylic cure and seal sealer designed to provide a satin finish to any exterior or interior concrete surface.

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Satin Finish Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer is an acrylic cure and seal sealer designed to provide a satin finish to any exterior or interior concrete surface. As a low odor product, it is preferred for indoor floor applications, especially basements and occupied homes or businesses. One or two coats can be applied to indoor concrete floors depending on the desired gloss level. When used as a primer for concrete countertops, Satin Finish Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer should not be applied to surfaces polished to 400-grit or above.


Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealant Coverage:

Approximately 200 square feet per gallon. Coverage rates depend on the surface conditions and concrete porosity. Two thin coats are recommended for outdoor concrete.

DO NOT apply water-based concrete sealers when surface temperatures are below 65°F with an air temperature difference of 5 degrees or less. Central heating, radiant or convection heaters, or similar heating devices should be turned off during application. In-floor heating should be set at 60-65 degrees before and turned off during the application process. Do not allow to freeze.

Acid Stained Bathroom Floor

Applying Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer to Concrete Floors:

Apply Satin Finish Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer using a 3/8″ in. nap roller, Floor Trim Pad, Floor Coater, HPLV sprayer or pump-up sprayer. If applying with a pump-up sprayer, backroll with a 3/8 in. or less nap roller for even coats. For best results with an applicator, soak the applicator in warm water and shake out the access before beginning the application. Apply thin coats of sealer. Depending on weather conditions, allow up to 24 hours of drying time between coats. The sealer will appear milky when first applied but will clear as it dries. Sealers applied with an applicator should be “pushed on” only. Pulling back with the applicator will result in unattractive sealer streaks that often require stripping to correct. Do not apply a second coat of sealer in areas where the sealer has remained white or is tacky to the touch. Keep in mind that not all concrete slabs are completely level or smooth which can cause sealer to pool or appear dull in spots if the troweled finish is uneven. Thick coats will result in an inconsistent finish with tacky areas that may not set-up correctly. Allow for 24 hours dwell time after the final coat before permitting vehicle or heavy foot traffic. Do not walk on wet sealer; it will leave permanent impressions on your surface. Floor wax can be applied to interior floors after 48 hours. Water-based concrete sealer and wax products should be stored at room temperature at all times. Applicators and tools clean up easily with soap and water.


Applying to Concrete Countertops:

Apply to countertop surfaces with persistent pinholes to prime the surface before applying the Epoxy and Water-Based Polyurethane Countertop Sealers. Water Based Sealer promotes good adhesion between the concrete and top coat making it an excellent primer for any countertop project, indoors or out.


Satin Finish Water-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer Features:

  Preferred indoor and basement concrete floor sealer
  Water-Based Cure and Seal Product
  Satin Finish Acrylic (25% Solids)
  Interior/Exterior Concrete Use
  Purchase in Sample Sizes for Testing and Small Projects
  VOC Compliant in all 50 states
  Available in over 40 colors

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