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Worked perfectly
Works well
Looks great. Apply once a year to our retail location floor and holds up great. Super high traffic areas could use it twice a year(we only do it once). Very happy with this product.


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    Our Commercial Concrete Floor Wax and Polish protects floors sealed with an acrylic concrete sealer from wear and tear with little buildup. Commercial Concrete Floor Wax is easy and quick to apply and can be used to “spot” wax in higher traffic areas without stripping. Our product does not require buffing after each application but is recommended for high-traffic businesses, especially restaurants and retail businesses, after the initial application and at least 1-2 per year thereafter for best results.



    Covers approximately 1,000 square feet per gallon per coat. For the first application after sealing, apply 2-3 thin coats.  Allow for 48-72 hours dry time for floors sealed with solvent-based sealers before applying Residential or Commercial Wax.



    • Apply both residential and commercial waxes with a trim pad or foam mop with wringer attachment. Soak the applicator in warm water and shake or wring out excess before use. 
    • Pour wax into a paint or wallpaper tray and saturate applicator. Press out excess and push a thin milky coat onto the surface. The product will appear milky when applying but will clear as it dries. 
    • Smooth out any foaming that may appear on the surface. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours between coats. 
    • The final coat should try for 12 hours before moving furniture or heavy objects across the floor.  
    • Wash applicators with hot water and soap for future use. 
    • Store wax and floor polish in a temperature controlled space with lid tightly closed. 
    • An additional wax coat or spot-waxing will be needed quarterly depending on traffic and use.  

    Click for more detailed recommendations on the care and maintenance of decorative concrete floors.


    Concrete Floor Wax and Polish Features:

    •  Prevents sealer wear and tear avoiding the need for reapplication
    •  Adds additional luster and gloss to indoor floors
    •  Easy to apply, low odor and fast drying
    •  No buffing required but is recommended for high traffic businesses
    •  Re-apply as needed without stripping
    •  Indoor concrete floor use only

    Tips for Use:

    Place Teflon pads or felt tips under all chair and furniture legs. Plastic mats should be used under all rolling office chairs to preserve the decorative finish.

    Cold Temperature Warning:

    Do not apply water-based sealers when surface temperatures are below 60°F with an air temperature difference of 5 degrees or less. Central heating, radiant or convection heaters, or similar heating devices should be turned off during application. In-floor heating should be set at 60-65°F before and turned off during the application process. Do not allow to freeze.

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