Bathroom Remodel on A Budget

Acid Stain colors may be blended, layered or applied to the same concrete slab to produce an array of effects, ranging from a dreamy “washed” appearance to a mottled psychedelic finish

Concrete Bathroom Floor Remodeling

After most of the paint and glue were removed from the concrete, Mona wiped down the entire bathroom floor with an organic degreaser and water solution to remove any remaining residues.

The bathroom floors were in such bad condition that we advised Mona to refinish the floor with a smooth concrete overlay to prepare for acid staining.

Mona used Coffee Brown acid stain around the edges and created dark areas. Then she diluted 1:1 Coffee Brown acid stain with water, and used it on the outlying areas of the full concentration Coffee Brown. Finally, used a 1:2 diluted Coffee Brown mix to fill in the remaining untouched concrete areas, and allowed it to dry completely. By using this process, Mona was able to navigate throughout the room stepping on the untouched concrete areas.

Mona neutralized with baking soda and water (2 tbs. of baking soda per gallon of water) and applied it using a mop allowing the bathroom floor to dry completely.  Then used a sprayer with the same baking soda solution and mopped the floor several times until water was clean and allowed to dry.

She sealed the bathroom floor using Direct Colors solvent-based concrete sealer

EVERSTAIN - Acid Stain - 1 gal Bottle - Coffee Brown

Project Size: 36 sq. ft

Time Required: 1 day

Cost: $142.75

Direct Colors Products Used:

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