A Beginner’s Guide to Colored Concrete Sealer

Colored Concrete Sealer delivers professional results, but doesn’t require a professional cost. Add a modern touch of color to your interior and exterior concrete, while extending the life of concrete with a long-lasting seal, all in one easy step

  1. Get Professional Results, Without The Cost

Colored Concrete Sealer, also called Tinted Concrete Sealer, is one of the most cost-effective ways to add color to your home’s interior or exterior concrete. Colored concrete sealer offers the same protective benefits as a clear sealer while delivering gorgeous color that matches and enhances your home’s existing décor.

Get this modern concrete floor look for less than $1.86 per sq. ft with our easy to use one-step color and seal Water-Based Tinted Concrete Sealers

Black Stained Concrete Floors
Coffee N' Crafts Design by Concrete Artisan William B. Carlisle

2. Add Color To Concrete With Less Prep Time

Colored Concrete Sealer gets its “tint” from pigment that settles on the surface of the concrete, resulting in a more opaque finish. This innovative application method allows DIYers to resurface faded concrete floors and counters with minimal Surface Preparation. Tinted Sealer works equally well with new concrete slabs that have been profiled, imparting Direct Colors signature One-Step Seal and Color look. Tinted sealer delivers unrivaled color for or jobs that require a quick turnaround and minimal disruption to home or commercial life.

Black Stained Concrete Floor
Black Tinted Water-based Concrete Sealer - William B. Carlisle Design

3. Touch Up Concrete Floors For One of A Kind Color

A variety of techniques can be used to enhance outdoor stamped concrete that’s faded from UV exposure. Application of tinted sealer is always easy with a Pump-up Sprayer or a short-nap roller.  Use acrylic or water-based Tinted Sealer to create terra cotta-like blends. Tinted sealer is particularly effective at “touching up” textured concrete that was previously acid stained. Due to the fluid nature of Faux Marble Concrete Acid Stain techniques, tinted sealer provides an excellent insurance policy to highlight or enhance the desired look of your design.

Black pigment, integrally mixed and pre-casted in molds with Brad's artistic method to create the color variation

Application method:

The floor was ground to remove old mastic and other imperfections in the substrate. Smooth Gray Overlay was hand troweled on using a skip trowel/knock down method to create an artistic finish. Tinted sealer was applied by spraying on followed by rolling. This was also done artistically to create slight variation of color. The different textures in the overlay also allowed the tinted sealer to absorb unevenly, lending to the variegated look. Lastly, a light coat of water-based acrylic gloss sealer to finish the look.

Products used on floor:

Product used for tabletops:

  • 102 – black pigment, integrally mixed and pre-casted in molds with Brad’s artistic method to create the color variation.

Learn How to Use Integral Color Pigments For Your Next Concrete Countertop Project

Business Name: Coffee N’ Crafts

Owned by: Steiger & Kelsey Hart

Located in Shawnee, OK

Contact: 405-393-0200

Contractor: Brad Carlisle – William B. Carlisle Design

Contact: 405-788-8287


Coffee N' Crafts Owned by Steiger & Kelsey Hart
Coffee N' Crafts Owned by Steiger & Kelsey Hart

Exterior projects are not often maintained as well, and the finish is subject to UV-degradation, pollutants and other environmental factors.  If you are using a colored concrete sealer for an exterior application use a solvent-based sealer.