Stain Concrete Floors on a Budget with Concrete Dye

With a cost of under $0.60 per square foot, concrete dye is one of the most cost-effective ways to stain concrete floors. Dyes are easy to use, dry very quickly and come in a wide variety of vivid colors. Direct Colors Vibrant Dye is a UV stable, super fine powder that is mixed with all-purpose acetone to stain smooth concrete floors.

Residential Concrete Floor
Stormy Gray and Charcoal Concrete Dye
Concrete bathroom floor stained with concrete dye
Concrete Bathroom Floor Stained with Stormy Gray and Charcoal Dye
Stormy Gray Concrete Dye Stain
Stormy Gray
Charcoal Concrete Dye
Acrylic Sealer - Water Gloss 1 gal
Glossy, Water-Based Acrylic Sealer
Residential and Commercial Floor Wax
Floor Wax
Stormy gray, white, charcoal, light slate concrete dye stained kitchen floor
Stormy Gray, White, Charcoal & Light Slate Concrete Dye Stained Kitchen Floor
Stormy gray, white, charcoal, light slate concrete dye kitchen floor
Stormy Gray, White, Charcoal Concrete Dye Stained Concrete Floors
Charcoal Concrete Dye
Stormy Gray Concrete Dye Stain
Stormy Gray
Light Slate Concrete Dye
Light Slate
White Concrete Dye


Jim with Mountain Smoke Concrete in Tennessee was asked by a client to give a bare concrete floor a polished concrete floor look on a very tight budget.

A polished concrete floor finish cost can run between $3 – $6 per square foot and Jim needed to keep the cost of the job at under $0.60 per square foot. After some discussion with our Direct Colors decorative concrete experts, Jim decided to try the Concrete Dye because it would create the look the client desired within the client’s budget.

Time needed: 2 days.


  1. First, apply a concrete sealer as a base coat. (Jim used a solvent-based sealant)
  2. Let the base coat sealer dry from 12-24 hours or until it is no longer soft or sticky
  3. Combine two 1 gallon packets (220g) of the Jet Black Concrete Dye powder with 2 gallons of acetone in an acetone sprayer.
  4. In another acetone sprayer, combine a 1 gallon packets (120g) of White Concrete Dye powder with 1 gallon of acetone.
  5. Allow the acetone concrete dye mix to sit for 30 minutes.
  6. Apply Jet Black Concrete Dye over the concrete surface in a circular motion making sure you agitate the stain mix regularly.
  7. Then, apply the white concrete color dye in a manner that creates the shading and lighter effect of a mottled dark gray concrete floor. Acetone dries very quickly so you will see the design right away and decide if the floor design needs more black or white dye.
  8. Rinse acetone sprayers with acetone
  9. Seal the concrete floor with the same sealer you used for the base coat.  If you used a solvent-based sealer as a base coat then you have to use a solvent-based sealer as a top coat.
  10. Let top coat sealer dry for 24-48 hours
  11. Finally, apply a concrete floor wax coat to protect floors from foot traffic.

Before Picture: Cleaned and Prepped Concrete Floor

Transform Concrete Floors
Jet Black and White Concrete Dye Sunroom Floor

After Picture: Faux Polished Concrete Floor Finish

Transform Concrete Floors
Jet Black and White Concrete Dye Floor Sealed with Satin Finish Sealer

Jim said the application went great and sent us these pictures. The customer was happy and Jim continues to receive many job referrals from his customer.

Thanks for sharing, Jim!

Direct Colors Products Used by Jim:

Project Size: 400 sq ft

Jet Black Concrete Dye

2  Gallons (220 g. packets) of Jet Black Concrete Dye

White Concrete Dye

1  Gallon (120 g. packet) of White Concrete Dye

Acrylic Concrete Sealer Water Satin 1 gal

2  Gallons of Water-Based, Concrete Sealer

Commercial Floor Wax

1  Gallon of Commercial Concrete Floor Wax

Learn How To Apply Concrete Dye with Justin

Justin’s Concrete Color Design Tip:

Seal your floor first with a Tinted Concrete Sealer and apply Concrete Dye pigment color accents for a faster turnaround on indoor floors. This combination is a great option for commercial floors where time is of the essence!

Looking for a lighter and brighter look? Check out this white concrete dye floor project

White basement concrete floors
White concrete dye, water-based, satin acrylic sealer and floor wax
Concrete Dye Sale

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