Popular Concrete Acid Stain Project

By far the picture of a Shawnee, Oklahoma dentist’s office is the most popular concrete acid stain project photo with our customers. The floor was designed and installed by Link Cowen of DecoCrete Inc. Mr. Cowen is a professional builder and concrete artisan but that shouldn’t stop a home or business owner from creating this beautiful finish in their own home or office.

Getting Started: Surface Prep and Overlay

The surface was prepped and cleaned using a swing buffer with a 80-grit sanding pad and cleaned with a solution of water and DCI Concrete Degreaser and Cleaner. The condition of the floor will determine whether mechanical profiling will be required. A floor needs to be free of debris, including glue, paint, dry wall mud or similar contaminants, level with no holes or broken areas to successfully overlay. Holes or cracks can be patched using DCI Patching Compound.

Link has selected DCI Smooth White Overlay for this project and used a pool trowel to apply, leaving half-moon marks on the surface for added texture. Concrete Overlay is specially-designed to produce the most robust reaction and acid stain colors. See our How to Apply Concrete Overlay for more information and application techniques.


Applying the Acid Stain

Acid Stain can be applied in many ways to create different effects on the floor. Link cut the Malayan Buff acid stain 2 parts water to 1 part stain to produce a more golden appearance. Keep in mind that the golden color can only be achieved by diluting the stain when applied to overlay. For best results, apply overlay to a sample board and test the stain dilutions before beginning the actual project. The stain was applied with a pump-up all plastic sprayer. He followed with a heavily diluted 10-1 solution of Coffee Brown Acid Stain both sprayed and lightly poured on the surface to create the “wash” look of the stain. The darker accents were applied with the sprayer tip close to the surface to produce a “pooling effect.”

Choosing a Concrete Sealer

Finish with the concrete sealer of your choice. High Gloss Sealer was used on this floor and waxed using a high solids acrylic Commercial Floor Wax and Polish. Select the right sealer for your lifestyle and preferred gloss level. For example, floors with particularly high traffic or large dogs should be sealed with an acrylic sealer and waxed with commercial wax. Customers looking for a low maintenance option and lighter traffic could select from among our no wax sealer options including our Water Based Polyurethane Sealers or the higher gloss.

Decorative concrete is both an art and science. Much of the style is up to the individual. Questions about how to recreate this concrete acid stain project at your home or business? Call us at 877-255-2656 or send us a project consultation with your project details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Customer's Favorite Concrete Acid Stain Project