Indoor Elegance: Unleashing Creativity with Tweed Interior Concrete Stain

Looking to breathe new life into your indoor concrete spaces? You’ve landed on the right page! From basements and living rooms to bathrooms, our DIYers have used Tweed Interior Concrete Stain to transform their spaces into stunning showcases of style and personality.

By Justin Richardson

Basement Bonanza: A Five-Day Tweed Concrete Stain Transformation

Have you ever imagined converting your basement into a cozy living space? That’s exactly what we set out to achieve – a DIY project to turn our bare basement into a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Our aim? A floor that was not only waterproof and durable, but also full of character and charm. With Direct Colors, we found a budget-friendly solution that exceeded our expectations. Embark with us on this five-day DIY journey as we turned our dreams into reality with the help of Tweed Interior Concrete Stain. Spoiler alert: it was simpler than you’d think!

Before shot of the concrete basement floor with a container of Vibrance Dye Tweed on top
Before photo feat.
Final view of the newly dyed and sealed basement floor, with a container of Tweed Vibrance Dye on top
After photo feat
Customer mechanically scrubbing the concrete floor for thorough cleaning
Cleaning Process: We put in the elbow grease to ensure the floor was spotless before the transformation
Customer spraying CitrusEtch concrete etcher onto the basement floor
Applying CitrusEtch: Our basement floor getting prepped with a concrete etcher
Basement floor after the first coat of Tweed Vibrance Dye has been applied
After First Coat: The basement floor begins to change with the first coat of Tweed Vibrance Dye
The concrete floor after the application of the sealer
After Second Coat: The dye's true character emerges after the second coat
concrete basement floor
Before: Our initial concrete basement floor
The concrete floor after the application of the sealer.
The Grand Finale: Our fully transformed basement floor, thanks to Vibrance Dye Tweed

Project Info:

  •  Project Completed In: 5 day(s)
  • Estimate of Square Footage: 650 sq. ft.
  • Project Description:
    We finished our basement ourselves, including a living room, bathroom, and bedroom. We wanted a floor that would be durable and waterproof, as well as something to add character and dimension to the space. Cost was also important to us, as well as ease of installation. When we discovered Direct Colors, we were so excited to see the number of choices and looks we could achieve with a small budget.
    We completed the project over 5 days. The first day (cleaning) took the longest, but the rest was super easy to do in an hour or so after work.
    Day 1: Clean, clean, clean again!
    Day 2: Etch the concrete
    Day 3: Dye coat #1
    Day 4: Dye coat #2
    Day 5: Sealer
  • Personal Tips:
    We rented an industrial dual mop and vacuum to help clean the floors – it was amazing!
    My #1 regret is not covering the unfinished concrete floors better when we painted. It took a ton of work to remove the dried paint and primer from the floor in order to prep for the dye.
    Absolutely get the test kit – the 3 different dyes helped us narrow down what we wanted. After seeing our favorite in our space, we ended up going in another direction (and love it!!).Check out Direct Colors Instagram page – we spent hours looking at all of the different colors and applications, and it was incredibly helpful.Direct Colors customer service was incredible and so helpful.
  • Direct Colors Products Used:
    5 Gal. Tweed Vibrance™ Dye & AcquaSeal ™ Satin Kit
  • Other Products Used:
    5 Gal.  Acetone
CitrusEtch™ concrete etcher
CitrusEtch™ concrete etcher
ProClean Neutralizer™
ProClean Neutralizer™
Spiked Shoes for Staining Concrete Floors
Spiked Shoes
Oakwood Vibrance Dye Swatch
Vibrance™ Tweed
AcquaSeal Satin
AcquaSeal™ Satin
ProWax Polish™ Satin
ProWax Polish™ Satin

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