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  • 10 Pack
  • Size: 12" x 14"
  • Reusable towels made with natural cotton

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Our 10 Pack Reusable Natural Cotton Towels, an essential addition to any concrete staining and sealing toolkit. Sized at 12" x 14", these towels provide the ideal coverage and control for precision work. Crafted for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, their lint-free fabric ensures your projects stay flawless, free from residue and unwanted spreading.

Emphasizing sustainability, these durable towels are designed for repeated use. To extend their lifespan and maintain their effectiveness, hand wash them in warm water without bleach. Ideal for cleaning drips and preventing mess from pump sprayers, these towels guarantee a clean, professional finish in every application.

Quick Facts

Quantity: 10 Pack
Size: 12" x 14"
Material: Reusable towels made with natural cotton
Preferred Washing Method: Wash with warm water in a bucket
Machine Washing: Will wear the towels out faster
Bleach: Do not use bleach

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