Direct Colors’ Monthly DIY Challenge: Tips for Success


We’re celebrating DIY talents every month with the Direct Colors DIY Challenge. If you’ve got home improvement projects to tackle, why not share it with us for a chance to win $500 Cash?

Tip #1: Capture your Entire Project

    • Before: This is what it looks like (before I start)…
    • During: This is my progress so far…
    • After: This is how my project turned out…

Tip #2: The Right Angle 

Consistency is key to taking great progress photos and videos, so make sure you can replicate similar conditions every time. Use the same angle in your before, during, and after shots. This will allow our panel of judges the opportunity to appreciate what a big change your DIY project made. 

Deco Gel Acid Stained Faux Brick Wall
Before Staining Stamped Concrete Wall
Stained Stamped Concrete Wall
Stained Stamped Concrete Wall
Stained Stamped Concrete Wall

Tip #3: The Right Lighting 

The right lighting can make a difference. Here are a few tips for getting the right light for photos and videos:

✔️Use natural light to avoid distorting shadows

✔️Never shoot with the sun directly behind you


Tip #4: Be Aware of Backgrounds

Watch out for background noise and what’s in your frame. The focus should be 100% on your amazing project, so clear away the clutter and be sure there isn’t any noise or objects that might pull attention away from your hard work. 

✔️Clear up any clutter that might be in your shot

✔️Let people know you’re filming to avoid distracting interruptions

Tip #5: Extra Credit

When submitting your project, share this:

    • I’m doing this project because…
    • Here are the Direct Colors products I used…
    • My favorite part of this project was…
    • My Direct Colors order number(s)…

If you have any questions for our team to help you tackle your DIY project feel free to reach out. We are here to help! 

Now get started and be sure to submit your entries to [email protected].

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