Sealing Concrete Countertops for a Bar Restaurant

Sealing concrete countertops against daily, heavy use can be tricky. Select a polyurethane countertop sealer for durability and ease of application. While the surface will need to be scuffed, cleaned and refinished in 5-7 years, these sealers will give you years of beauty and maximum countertop protection. Direct Colors offers both polyurethane sealers. Even if you prefer the depth of an epoxy finish, top coat the sealer with a layer of polyurethane. You’ll be glad you did! We have several videos demonstrating how to apply our countertop sealers, so have a look a look at the our how to videos and guides page to find out more!

Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular for bar and restaurant applications. Today’s countertop features both natural stone aggregate and blue concrete pigment. Almost any design or combination of colors can be fashioned in concrete to enhance or spice up a decorative motif, but not all commercial and residential countertops are created equal. Because commercials tops are high-use, tough wear surfaces, making the right choice in sealing concrete countertops is the most important step.

Another very popular option for bar tops especially is metallic epoxy sealer. We offer 11 metallic colors to be combined with our epoxy countertop sealer. It’s easy to apply and adds very little to the overall cost of the coating but what an outcome! Metallic epoxies add that touch of class to any countertop project!

Metallic Epoxy Countertop Refinishing Kit

Rough n’ Rustic’s Concrete’s Countertop is Sleek yet Functional for this Upmarket Restaurant and Bar.

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