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  • Replaces rebar and other reinforcement when combined with chopped fibers 
  • Greatly reduces pre-cast concrete weights 
  • Reinforces concrete easily and economically

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High Zirconia Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Net strengthens the concrete and helps prevent cracking from shrinkage. When both chopped fibers and fiberglass net are used together in a concrete countertop application, steel re-bar and/or mesh are no longer required. Two layers of fiberglass net, one at the top and one on the bottom, are required for complete reinforcement. Two times the length is the appropriate amount of fiberglass net needed for any countertop project. Our fiberglass net is 40 in. or 1 meter wide.


For protection against cracking and concrete shrinkage, use fiberglass net alongside our Chopped Concrete Fiber. For an all-in-one, glass fiber reinforced countertop ready-mix, add one packet of DCI Concrete Countertop Admix to every 80lb. bag of 5000psi countertop mix.


Direct Colors offers a complete line of DIY-friendly countertop supplies. Find everything you need for your indoor or outdoor countertop project on our countertop products page and visit our countertop photo gallery for inspiration!


Key Fiberglass Net Features:

   Suitable for use with any pour-in-place, pre-cast or dry pack concrete countertop project
   Required for the reinforcement needs of any Glass Fiber Reinforced Countertop
   Replaces rebar, wire, and other reinforcement when used in conjunction with chopped fibers
   Significantly reduces the weight of pre-cast countertops for easier placement

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