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Polyurethane Sealer


 Highly durable, wax finish for indoor countertops
 Suitable for any exterior/interior countertop project
 Can be applied with a roller or HVLP sprayer gun

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    Water-Based Polyurethane Sealer is a low VOC, aliphatic urethane coating that offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance and will provide a durable, long lasting finish for your concrete countertop.


    For best results, first apply a single thin coat of Satin Acrylic Concrete Sealer for smooth surfaces or two thin coats for more porous surfaces. Allow the primer to cure 12 hours between primer coats and a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding. We recommend you lightly scuff the primer with 400 grit paper and clean debris away prior to applying polyurethane. Priming reduces the risk of air bubbles, promotes good sealer adherence and slightly extends the Polyurethane Sealer coverage rate.



    When properly applied, 24 oz. will cover approximately 50 square feet on an un-primed surface or up 60-75 square feet on a primed surface. 1 Gallon will cover approximately 250 square feet.

    Coverage will vary with surface conditions. Proper ventilation to the outside and following safety recommendations during  application is advised.

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