Creating an One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Living Area

Mr. Denny of Windsor, CO has done several projects with us over the years, but this porch, walkway, and fire pit patio is by far the most ambitious.

“This project took five months at 6-12 hours a day, depending on the size of the pour. It was all hand excavated with a shovel and the 842 80lb bags of concrete mixed in a drum mixer (actually two mixers; the first wore out 3/4 way through). The concrete has Integral Color as well as Acid Stain. Due to a steep grade, the downhill side of the hot tub pad and the fire pit area are 4 feet thick! All concrete has rebar anchors driven into rock and steel mesh throughout.”

Integral Color Concrete
Acid Staining Concrete Patio Floors
Acid Stain Concrete

Denny Family Shopping List

2.5 Gallons of Cola Acid Stain
1.5 Gallons of English Red Acid Stain
1.5 Gallons of Sea Grass Acid Stain
1 Gallon of Malayan Buff Acid Stain
1.5 Gallons of Avocado Acid Stain
1.5 Gallons of Desert Amber Acid Stain
10 lbs. of 553 Concrete Pigment
10 lbs. of 533 Concrete Pigment
10 lbs. of 1311 Concrete Pigment
5 lbs. of 300 Concrete Pigment