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  • Color or restore faded concrete pavers
  • Can be applied to previously colored or sealed porous concrete surfaces
  • NOTE: Portico stain must be sealed after application
  • Stain and Seal Kits must be complete and unopened to be returned

    How many kits should I purchase?

    It will depend on the square footage of your application.

    One kit has a coverage rate of 200 square feet per gallon (2 coats) depending on concrete porosity. Two or more coats are required.

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    If you’re new to concrete paver staining, it can be hard to figure out exactly what materials and products you need to start and finish your project. But, with the right tools, anyone can use Portico™ stains to turn their patio, driveway, or other outdoor concrete into a work of art. For coloring concrete pavers, there’s no better product than Direct Colors’ Portico™ Stain.

    DIY Kit Includes

    • Portico Concrete Stain Color - 1 Gal
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer - 1 Gal

    Quick Facts

    • Application Tool: Pump sprayer
    • Dry Time: 6 - 8 hours before applying exterior concrete sealer  (sealer application is a required step)
    • Cleanup: Mineral spirits
    • Coverage: Aproximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on concrete paver porosity
    • Best Exterior Sealer: EasySeal Acrylic Concrete Sealer 
    • Recommended Uses: Concrete brick paver patios, driveways, pool decks, walkways or any rough concrete surfaces 

    Note: Since this is a made to-order-product, we cannot offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.
    Due to DOT-ORM-D regulations, this product cannot be expedited and can only be shipped by ground.

    NOTE: Portico is a semi-transparent stain, and not opaque, like paint. It will add a tint to your concrete pavers while allowing the existing texture to show through. It has twice the pigment of Direct Colors Antiquing stains.


    New or exisiting exterior concrete paver surfaces such as: Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, and Walkways.


    DO NOT apply Portico Stain in poorly ventilated areas and/or very smooth concrete surfaces.

    How-To Guide

    Printable Portico How-To Guide

    Step 1: Preparation

    • Cover areas at risk of over-spray with plastic drop cloth
    • Newly poured concrete must cure for 30 days before application 
    • For existing concrete:
      • Remove paint or previously applied sealer using Soy Gel Stripper
      • Remove carpet glue or other adhesives using Bean-e-doo Mastic Remover
      • Remove oils, dirt, debris, Soy Gel Stripper, Bean-e-doo Mastic Remover, using a scrub brush and ProClean Degreaser™
    • Verify absorption by pouring a cup of a water in various areas. If not absorbed within 5 minutes, etch the surface with Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment
    • Allow the concrete to thoroughly dry before Application

    Step 2: Application

    Coverage rate is approximately 200 square feet per gallon. Coverage rates may vary based on concrete texture, surface porosity, and application method.

    NOTE: Only apply Portico™ Concrete Paver Stain when surface temperature is between 40 °F (4 °C) and 95 °F (35 °C).

    CAUTION: Portico™ is flammable, harmful if swallowed, or inhaled. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Store and use with adequate ventilation, allowing airflow to disperse vapors. Before applying Portico™, open windows and door and extinguish all open flames such as gas appliance pilot lights, candles, etc. Do not smoke, use a lighter or matches, or anything that could cause potential harm.

    • Remove all filters from Pump-Up Sprayer
    • Shake Portico™ well before pouring into sprayer
    • Spray Portico™ a saturating coat on surface in slightly circular motions with irregular overlaps
      • Shake sprayer tank from side to side often to prevent color from settling
    • Allow to thoroughly dry at least 8 hours before applying sealer

    Step 3: Seal & Protect Finish

    • Apply 2 thin coats of sealer EasySeal™ (solvent-based sealer) or AcquaSeal™ (water-based sealer)
    • For additional application instructions see AcquaSeal™ and EasySeal How-To Guides

    Pro Tips:

    • Begin spraying at a far corner to maintain a clear path to exit
    • To avoid droplets dripping onto surface, before releasing sprayer trigger immediately place tip in a bucket


    • Clean tools and supplies with mineral spirits


    • Protect finish every 2 years as needed with AcquaSeal or EasySeal
    • For additional application instructions see AcquaSeal™ and EasySeal™ How-To Guides

    Tools & Supplies:

    • Pump-up Spayer
    • Plastic Drop Cloth
    • Scrub Brush
    • Spiked Shoes (if using Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment)

    Disclaimer: Direct Colors does not warrant or guarantee outcomes. Concrete variations or improper application may cause unintended results. test Products in an inconspicuous or small area and fully cure to ensure compatibility and desired result.

    How-To Videos

    Concrete Stain & Sealer Kit Calculator Help

    Data Sheets

    Color Chart

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